Terms and conditions of use

Ashrami refers to this website and the group in charge of developing and managing it. Such a group is attached to the Institución de la Ferriere, Gran Fraternidad Universal L.S. located in Mexico City, whose objective is the dissemination of disciplines and knowledge that help people achieve their comprehensive development. As such Ashrami is not for profit, donations are intended to continue our outreach work. Some percentage of the profit can be used for charitable purposes such as education for low-income children, help for people in vulnerable situations, etc.
Ashrami is not responsible for technical problems that may arise and could affect the availability of the page such as failures with the hosting provider, power failures or failures in the internet network. Nor can it guarantee the visibility of the pages and the contents on all existing devices in the present or future.

The User Is any person who fills out the subscription form and accepts the terms and conditions of use, in order to benefit from the courses and services offered by Ashrami. To enter the free courses or paid diploma courses, it is necessary to be subscribed as a user.
The account of each user is personal, so only the registered person must enter the site with the username and password that they have determined; same information that the user must keep securely to avoid losing it or that a third person can misuse their account.

The Therapist Any person who fills out the Registration form to appear in the Wellness-direct directory The therapist or service provider You may have the responsibility to fill out the registration form with true information about yourself, studies, location, etc. Above all, she has the responsibility to advertise the service(s) for which he is fully qualified, having met the academic, internship, and experience requirements necessary for that purpose. Likewise, the therapist will be responsible for providing her services under the applicable laws in her country, city and/or region and under professional ethics.
Users will be able to report the therapist in case they have not complied with the service offered, the case will be reviewed and the therapist's account may be cancelled.
Payments made for memberships of 6 or year membership are made under the donation modality, therefore they cannot be reimbursed under any circumstances.

The Professor Any person who wishes to publish a course or diploma, whether free or paid, in the Ashrami course platform; For this purpose, you will contact the Ashrami team through our email to make a cooperation agreement.

Courses and diplomas

Objective: By publishing courses and diplomas Ashrami aims to provide knowledge on various topics that can help users achieve personal development integral. The courses and diplomas are presented solely for informational and training purposes. They must be used personally and at the discretion of each user. The courses and diplomas are not intended to replace academic or professional training in any area, be it health, psychology, ecology, nutrition, or any other.

Validity of certificates:The study certificates offered by Ashrami only certify having completed the course in question and have passed the online assessments with the minimum grade point average required. The certificates do not have official validity under any institution in Mexico or in any other country. In some graduates, the professor could issue a certificate endorsed by another institution; in which case ashrami is disclaimed from its official validity. The teacher must inform students about this issue at the time of registration for the course.

Copyright: If not declared otherwise, the contents presented on the website in any of its pages: texts, videos, audios, images, logos are the intellectual property of Marco Antonio Márquez Rosique. They should not be used out of website in any way. Copying or reproduction by any printed or digital means constitutes a crime under the terms of copyright laws.

Directory of therapists and services

Directory Wellness-direct: refers to the pages where users can search for different comprehensive health services. Ashrami offers this search engine as an additional service to our users, whose objective is to connect therapists with users. Ashrami does not acquire any responsibility for the services provided or the commercial, therapeutic or any other relationship that may be established between users and therapists.
Users will be able to search, choose and submit a request to the therapist(s) who can provide them with the service(s) they need. They will also be able to comment on the service and care received as well as rate the therapist. Moderation and respect are requested when writing comments. Any defamatory or disrespectful comment may be deleted at the request of the therapist. The therapist will be able to accept requests sent by users. At that moment a relationship will be opened between them: They will be able to see their contact data (phone, email) and thus they will be able to communicate. Comments and ratings can only be made while the relationship is open. The relationship may be omitted at any time by either party: user or therapist.


When establishing a relationship, either as a user or therapist, either virtually or in person (office or home), we recommend proceeding with caution. The same as when making payments to the service provider. Avoid providing credit card numbers. Prefer deposits to bank accounts or through PayPal. When going to face-to-face appointments, follow the procedures that you think are necessary for your safety, such as: going in the company of another person, not going to remote places, etc. Ashrami is not responsible for situations that may arise, but if you detect any suspicious situation please report it to our attention email , we will review the case and the account in question could be terminated.

Privacy policies

Your privacy and security are very important to Ashrami. Your personal data is stored in encrypted form on the server. The data is only used by our team for statistical purposes, in order to better understand our audience and thus be able to offer a better service. By being subscribed to ashrami as a user or having a therapist membership you will receive emails from us informed about courses, events, news that may be useful to you, always related to health and comprehensive development issues.
Ashrami is not responsible for the publication of personal information, taken from this site, by any user or therapist, however we will proceed to immediately terminate the person(s) responsible.
The subscription as a user has no time limit, but you can unsubscribe at any time and your data will be removed from our database, you will no longer be able to access our services or receive more emails.


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