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About us

Ashrami was created in 2020 with the aim of disseminating knowledge on various topics that may be useful for the full and comprehensive development of the human being; without losing sight of the challenges of the modern world such as sustainability, respect for the environment and for animals (vegetarianism). To this end, we offer a wide range of completely free online courses, as well as certificates with renowned professors. Before continuing to browse the site, it is important that you read the Terms and conditions of use.

Ashrami is a non-profit project attached to the Great Universal Brotherhood solar line.

Frequent questions

  • What is the Great Universal Brotherhood, S.L.
    The Great Universal Fraternity is an institution founded in 1948 by the French scientist Serge Raynaud de la Ferriere, its objective is the re-education of humanity through the diffusion of disciplines such as yoga, astrology, vegetarianism, study of ancestral philosophies, etc. In Mexico, Dr. José Manuel Estrada Vázquez founded the Great Universal Fraternity, solar line in the 60s. (read more.)

  • Terms of use
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  • Why subscribe to ashrami.
    By subscribing to our page you will have access to free courses and you will be able to contact the therapists and service providers presented in our wellness-direct section. You will also receive news about new courses, videos, articles through the email you provide us. At any time you can unsubscribe from our portal.

  • How can I cooperate with ashrami.
    You can cooperate in various ways: By subscribing you are already helping us to better understand our audience. You can also refer us to your family and friends. Enrolling in one of our paid diploma courses is the best way to achieve mutual benefit.
    Or you can also make a donation to our institution:

    You can donate from $50.°° MXN, or the amount you want, either with a PayPal account or with bank card. If you live in Mexico you can also make donations in bank accounts, for more information contact:

  • How can I advertise in the directory Wellness-direct
    You can advertise in our Wellness-direct directory by getting a membership for six months or one year. Once your payment is made, you will receive an email with the instructions to register. We recommend that you first read the terms and conditions of use.
    Take advantage of the introductory prices!
    6 months subscription: $440.00 mexican pesos
    1 year subscription $760.00 mexican pesos


Ashrami is the result of many hours of work by a whole team of designers, programmers, editors and various professionals. We hope that our courses and diplomas will be of interest to you; and added to the new directory Wellness-direct will be very useful. We will gladly answer your questions, comments or suggestions in our attention email:


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