Ashrami is pleased to present the Advanced Biomagnetism Course, which is aimed at knowing the scope of medical bioenergetics. In order to better understand and take advantage of the contents of this course, it is recommended to have completed the first level, or Basic Biomagnetism Course, as well as to have at least 6 months of continuous practice..

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The Advanced Biomagnetism Course will enable the student to develop skills such as mental focus and remote treatment, which allow a new level of therapeutic practice that Dr. Goiz called Medical Bioenergetics.
Let's say that Bioenergetics is the superior octave of Biomagnetism where one works beyond physical limitations, which opens up a wide range of treatment possibilities. The aspects that can be dealt with at the basic level can also be dealt with at the advanced level, only in greater depth and efficiency. Conditions that can be difficult to treat through basic biomagnetism, reveal their secrets to bioenergetics: we talk about disorders such as cancer, metabolic disorders, autoimmune diseases, genetic disorders, psycho-emotional aspects...
This has led us to create a course with a fairly extensive syllabus that we have divided into the following units:


    UNIT I: Principles of bioenergetics

  • Introduction
  • Test modalities
  • What is the muscule response
  • Using the pendulum with bioenergetics
  • How to make questions
  • Telebioenergetics, distance treatment
  • To order, the power of intention
  • UNIT II: Science and bioenergetics

  • A voagaye through science
  • Quantum physics
  • Biomagnetism, a new paradigm
  • Ancient phylosophies
  • UNIT III: Complex diseases:

  • Intoxication and poisoning
  • Oxidative stress
  • Systemic inflammation
  • Autoimmune diseases
  • Diabetes, type II
  • Circulatory disorders
  • Genetic Disorders
  • UNIT IV: Tumor phenomenon

  • Tumor phenomenom according to bioenergetics
  • Potential spaces
  • Germanic medicina
  • UNIT V: Treatment of emotions

  • Introduction to treatening emotions
  • Emotions according to the Chinnese ancient medicine
  • Psychoemotional pairs
  • The emotion code
  • Bio-descodification

The Advanced Biomagnetism Course consists of a series of lessons that can be studied in writing or in audio. The course is complemented by a series of videos and articles related to the topics, in addition, the lessons can be Download in PDF format to save or print on paper.
Due to the extension and diversity of topics that are addressed during the course, it is divided into several units, each month access to a new unit will be allowed, this to allow students to advance at the same pace.
We invite students to participate in the tutorials where they can share their experiences and answer questions (subject to a minimum of 10 students). A WhatsApp group will also allow them to resolve doubts quickly.
Finally, be sure to click the completion button at the end of each lesson in order to advance to the next lesson in the course.


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