We are pleased to introduce you the new Biomagnetism basic course. The most complete course in biomagnetism in digital format that will allow you to learn the method developed by Dr. Isaac Goiz DurĂ¡n, enabling you to practice it with family, friends or consultants.


  • The student will learn the main terms, concepts and theoretical topics necessary for the practice of biomagnetism.
  • The student will be able to carry out a biomagnetism treatment, using the skills of the first level.



Who can study the course?

This Biomagnetism basic course is aimed to anyone who wishes to apply it, eigther personally, to family or friends. The topics are presented in a clear, simple way and are accessible even for those who have no previous studies in the area of health.


The course offers all the theoretical knowledge through a series of 18 lessons that will allow you to fully learn all the topics necessary to understand and apply medical biomagnetism effectively. All the materials are available online and you can consult them at any time by entering the course using your username and password.


For a better learning experience we have implemented different tools such as:

  • Lessons. All the theoretical content is explained in the lessons that the student can read and review at any time, during the duration of the course. The lessons follow a specific sequence that allows gradual and logical learning of the various topics.
  • Automated evaluations At the end of every lesson the student can know in a few minutes his degree of learning. The student has three attempts to complete each evaluation; leaving the highest score as the final grade. At the end, the results of all the exams will be averaged and this will be the final grade.
  • Tutorials any questions or comments about the course will be answered via email or in the weekly Zoom meetings (the latter subject to the participation of a minimum of students).
  • Videos, allow to reinforce the topics presented in the lessons, deepening some aspects or presenting additional information.
  • Text reader With this tool lessons are more accessible for those who have a visual impairment, or simply find it more comfortable to listen to them (operation subject to the type of browser and electronic device).


  • Upon completion of the evaluations with a minimum score of 7.0, the student may request a certificate of studies. The certificate validates 36 studing hours and is issued by and will be sent in digital format (PDF). If you want to obtain the certificate validating 48 studing hours contact us via email. Since biomagnetism is an alternative health technique and due to the multiple variants in the laws of different countries, the certificate has no official validity.

Any questions or comments please contact us:


* NOTE: The course does not include printed material or magnets.